Three online English lessons for the price of two

Bath City Language Coaching is offering you the chance to have THREE online English language lessons for the price of TWO.

Taking inspiration from the UK government’s idea to restart teaching Latin in schools, Bath City Language Coaching has a competition for you. All you have to do is watch the video below, which was filmed in Parade Gardens in Bath. Correctly translate the Latin inscription on the stone bench and email it to before the 16th October.

UPDATE: I’ve been told that the text on the bench is NOT Latin, but French. That wasn’t very clever of me, was it? Still, it proves teachers can make mistakes, too.

Anyway, the competition is still valid and it should be easier now!

The first FIVE correct answers will get the entrants THREE online English language lessons for the price of TWO with me at Bath City Language Coaching.

You can be any age or any level, and you can enter from anywhere in the world; there are no restrictions. The only thing I ask is that you pay for two lessons before you receive your FREE lesson. Don’t worry, this is not a scam. You will definitely receive your THIRD lesson FREE!

If you look at courses, you will see that I teach Business and Professional English, Exam English, and Conversation English. Whatever you need to communicate in English-speaking environments will be presented to you in interactive, communicative lessons at a time that suits you.

If you’re not sure if Bath City Language Coaching is for you, read some of the reviews from past and present students.

So, what are you waiting for?

Carpe diem. OR Profiter du present.

Benediximus. OR Bonne chance.


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