Why did I chose an owl?

Why did I choose an owl as the logo for Bath City Language Coaching?

In 2018 over eighty owl statues, decorated by members of the public, were placed around the city of Bath in a project called Minerva’s Owls. Thousands of people had hours of fun walking around the city trying to photograph the large number of colourful creations.

The Goddess Minerva, to whom the Roman Baths were dedicated in the First Century AD, was associated with the owl symbol.

Owls are a symbol of wisdom. I associate knowledge of the English Language as a sign of wisdom.

My friend, John Gavin Gould, designed and built one of the most interesting of Minerva's Owls and called it DigitOwl. The wordplay of DigitOwl works well with the digital form of online teaching.

John was kind enough to allow me to use his photographs for this website, and I am very grateful to him for this.

The BCLC logo that you see on my website reflects the design and colours of the City of Bath Crest, Bath City Rugby Club, and Bath City Football Club. The Owl represents John Gavin Gould's DigitOwl creation.

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