Scabies, scandal, and scum at the Roman Baths
Posted 23. 06. 2022.

The Roman Baths seem to have been a den of vice and sex where “anything goes” was the order of the day.

Smallcombe Cemetery, Bath – a hidden hideaway from the hustle and bustle
Posted 14. 05. 2022.

Smallcombe Cemetery in Bath is the perfect place to visit if you want to escape the noisy streets and crowds of shoppers in the centre of the city. A fifteen-minute walk from the Southgate shopping centre is this oasis of calm and reflection, which I visited for the first time last month. I wish I had known about it before; I’ve lived in Bath for thirty years and never knew it existed.

Readable – Read English Stories at Your Level for Free
Posted 18. 02. 2022.

I’m really excited to announce that my stories for B1, B2 and Advanced level students are now available to read for free on the Readable app for Android phones.

The Holburne Museum
Posted 14. 02. 2022.

The Holburne Museum, at the end of Great Pulteney Street in Bath, is currently showcasing a new exhibition of clay and wax sculptures by some of its staff.

Bath Botanical Gardens
Posted 23. 11. 2021.

There are many parks in Bath, but my favourite is the Botanical Gardens. Every season provides the visitor with something different to see. In spring and summer the trees and beautiful flowers are in bloom, and the sounds of newborn birds fills the air. In autumn the golden sunshine looks amazing as it shines weakly through the brown and orange leaves as they fall from the trees. And in the frosty winter there is a stillness as you walk on the crispy grass and past the frozen ponds.

Learn Animal Idioms at Bath City Farm
Posted 09. 10. 2021.

Learn some animal idioms at Bath City Farm with Bath City Language Coaching.

I went to Bath City Farm this week to look at the animals and help you learn some animal idioms. Bath City Farm is in Twerton, in the West of Bath, and is not a place that many tourists know about. Rather than visit the same old tourist attractions, take a 10-minute ride on the Number 5 bus and visit this peaceful farm where you will see some amazing views of the city of Bath.

Bath and its People
Posted 31. 08. 2021.

Bath and its people are friendly, but the city wasn’t always so welcoming. There are many accounts of the work-shy, the criminals, and the “impudent plebeians” that once lived here. Bath City Language Coaching reads some of these less than complimentary comments.

Three online English lessons for the price of two
Posted 16. 08. 2021.

THREE English lessons for the price of TWO!
All you have to do is watch the video and correctly translate the Latin inscription on the stone bench and email it to before the 16th October.

Olympic 2020 Medals – Bath City Language Coaching
Posted 04. 08. 2021.

Ben Whittaker, a GB boxer, and Sky Brown, a young skateboarder won Olympic 2020 medals this week. Ben won a silver and Sky won a bronze. But their reactions were very different. Bath City Language Coaching asks Does Winning Matter?

King Bladud Goes to Bath City Language Coaching
Posted 20. 07. 2021.

Bath’s King Bladud gets a visit from Bath City Language Coaching to tell the story of how Bath’s magical waters, some pigs with leprosy, and some acorns were to help in making Bath the famous city it is today.

Bath City Language Coaching visits Pulteney Bridge in Bath
Posted 13. 07. 2021.

Pulteney Bridge in Bath was built in 1773. Pulteney Weir was built in the 1970s. Bath City Language Coaching was going to eat a vegan sausage roll there, but then remembered the seagulls that swoop down and grab food from human hands. So the sausage roll was kept in the bag.

Bath City Language Coaching at the Jane Austen Centre, Bath
Posted 01. 07. 2021.

Bath City Language Coaching meets Mr Bennet at the Jane Austen Centre in Bath. Also known as Martin, Mr Bennet is often confused with Mr Darcy from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, but he won’t challenge you to a duel if you get his name wrong. He tells us about an eye condition that Jane Austen often suffered from. Let’s put it this way, you wouldn’t want to share a pillow with her…

Bath City Language Coaching Sees the Stars of Jane Austen’s Persuasion
Posted 24. 06. 2021.

Bath City Language Coaching catches the stars, extras and crew getting ready to film a new adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel Persuasion in the Royal Crescent, Bath. Simon reads some quotes from Persuasion, which show what Jane Austen really felt about Bath

Bath City Language Coaching visits Parade Gardens and Bog Island
Posted 15. 06. 2021.

Before Bath City Language Coaching was born, many years ago, I was a student in Bath. I used to spend many Student Nights at the Island Club, better known as Bog Island.

Bath City Language Coaching loves a flutter on the 2021 Euros
Posted 07. 06. 2021.

Bath City Language Coaching loves the odd flutter. They’ve put a bet on Croatia to beat England and to win the 2021 Euros ball-kicking competition. Simon gives you the benefit of his “extensive” knowledge of football live from Alexandra Park in Bath.

Brian Blessed and the Polar Bear
Posted 01. 06. 2021.

I love the actor Brian Blessed. I was lucky to meet him once and he asked ME for MY photo to show his acting chum, Kenneth Branagh (Wallander, Henry V, Tenet) because he thought I looked just like him. In this video, I tell the story of when he punched a polar bear in the face while on a trip to the North Pole.

Bath City Language Coaching visits the famous Star Inn
Posted 19. 05. 2021.

Simon pops out for a quick pint of Bellringer at one of the oldest pubs in Bath, namely the Star Inn. Join Simon for a beer and learn some interesting facts about what many people consider to be the best drinking establishment in the whole country.

A windy day in Bath
Posted 12. 05. 2021.

Simon tells you a bit about Bath’s Royal Crescent, a famous visitor, and who was born this week 10th-15th May.

My first YouTube video
Posted 11. 05. 2021.

This is a link to my first YouTube Channel welcome video. It was filmed slap-bang in the middle of The Circus, in Bath.

Welcome to the BCLC website
Posted 10. 05. 2021.

Hello! Welcome to the BCLC website. This is my first blog, and I’m very excited (and a little nervous) as my site goes live.

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