Benika Mochizuki
Benika Mochizuki, Japan

Simon is a highly skilled language teacher with years of teaching experience to all ranges of international students. One of the most attractive characteristics that he has as a teacher is his irreplaceable charm, and how soulful and passionate he comes across. I personally highly recommend that anyone who is seeking English language support get in touch with Simon to receive his excellent service.

When I met Simon, I was a dancer working in Japan with few English skills, desperately wanting to work internationally as a dancer. After being taught by Simon, my English skills miraculously improved to ‘the advanced level’. I was also fortunate to receive offers from 5 different Universities in the UK. The support that I received from Simon is part of the reason that I am now a dancer and butoh artist working internationally which I have always dreamt of doing. Sincere thanks to Simon.

Bath City Language Coaching Review P and M
Peter and Marcel, Switzerland

Simon has been teaching us in Business English for almost two years and for us it is very helpful, interesting and diverting. The lessons are adapted to our needs and interests and always well prepared with topics about politics, social life or breaking news, both from UK and Switzerland. And the most important: no lesson without a funny story or some British humour…

Bath City Language Coaching Review Ilaria
Ilaria Devittori, Switzerland

Simon is a fantastic teacher, experienced, and full of energy. His lessons are very well personalized, based on the student’s needs and interests. He uses lots of different tools, such as short videos, books, articles, or songs, and the lessons are never boring!

Antonio BCLC
Antonio Liotini, Italy

Simon is the best choice I could have made to improve my English language. I liked his teaching methods. His lessons were never boring. I’ve learned a lot of things from Simon, like British culture and language. I didn’t just find a teacher, but a Big Friend. Thanks, Simon.

Maia, Belgium

I had a very good time preparing my IELTS exam with Simon. Grammar, vocabulary, and different oral and written language skills are studied through topical issues, articles, and personal interests’ discussions. Simon adapts the lessons to the student’s needs; he is extremely professional and a person with great humour. Taking lessons with him is always fun!

Imma BCLC Review
Imma, Libya

I was tutored by Simon during my time in Bath in 2014 -2015. He helped me pass my IELTs test with the score of 7. This meant I got to study my master’s in the university of my choice.. After that I sought his help in getting a PhD admission… He helped me improve my academic writing skills which assisted me with writing a coherent proposal.  Thanks Simon

Takiko Nishio, Japan

He always helped me improve my English. And his lessons were not only useful, but also really fun. Actually, I’m a technophobe, so he taught me how to use a laptop, too. Thanks, Simon!! You’re by far the greatest English teacher!

Irene Galatola, Italy

If you are looking for a productive, fast and funny way to improve your English, Simon is the best solution!

Alternative methods perfectly fitted for your brain and your personality, go along with your working or lifestyle preferences. Never a bore, always new words and grammar for your English.

Simon is a very professional teacher and a great man.

Definitely the best teacher I have ever met in my life!

BCLC Review Colette
Colette, France

I am French and I am living in France near Lyon. For 6 months, I have been studying English with Simon online.
It’s very pleasant with Simon, he adapts well to my level. Sometimes he speaks too quickly, but as soon as I tell him, he speaks more slowly.

Every week, he finds new subjects, and when I don’t understand, he explains the words with other words or he’s drawing the words on the screen. He has an active imagination. I have homework every week. I have a lesson every week, it’s not always the same day, he adapts well to my schedule. I wait for each course with pleasure.

Calogero Russo, Sardinia

I really recommend Simon as an English teacher. I attended his lessons and may definitely say to have improved my English, particularly in Grammar and Speaking, the fields where I had more difficulties before his lessons. Simon is an extremely well-qualified teacher, whose multi-year experience comes out in each lesson. Besides paying attention to your English language with carefully prepared lessons, Simon arranges small events at the weekend, where all his friends and students are welcome, and these help you practise your English. Thanks, Simon.

Marina Ruano Garcia, Spain

Without any doubt, I would recommend you as a teacher. You know that type of the teacher who repeats all the time the same thing at exact moment when you are almost sleeping? Well, that’s IMPOSSIBLE with Simon because that’s the opposite of a lesson with him. Basically, when he is teaching the time flies and all the knowledge goes to your mind as fast as never before. As a writer of English student books, he knows perfectly how to teach everything at the exact moment.

Actually, I think I miss Simon in my English classes xx

Nara Ure Del, Mexico

A well-prepared teacher, Simon is always innovative in his teaching, and always makes use of didactic materials. I appreciate his patience and willingness to help me.

Liubov BCLC Review
Liubov Marina, Russia

I highly recommend Simon to all people who want to learn or improve their English. Simon is a fantastic teacher. He helped me start speaking and I didn’t even notice how it happened.

Bath City Language Coaching Sue Review
Suilanith Mesquita, Brazil

Simon is definitely the best teacher I’ve ever met. His classes are dynamic. I recommend your classes without doubts.

Tomas Ruiz, Brazil

I strongly recommend Simon as an English teacher. He has a very good experience teaching English, which is why you can learn different topics, or what you learn is up to you. With Simon you can study all the skills and get homework to improve your English out of classes. He is a very friendly and funny person. If you want to take classes online or one-to-one, Simon is a terrific choice.

Maria Pierconti, Italy

Simon is, no doubt, the best English teacher I’ve ever had. His lessons are fun, never boring, and always focused on customised targets. If you want to study English with a new approach, Simon is your best choice.

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