Bath City Language Coaching visits Pulteney Bridge in Bath

Pulteney Bridge in Bath was built in 1773. Pulteney Weir was built in the 1970s. Bath City Language Coaching was going to eat a vegan sausage roll there, but then remembered the seagulls that swoop down and grab food from human hands. So the sausage roll was kept in the bag.

Pulteney Bridge and Pulteney Weir are two of the main tourist sites in Bath. It is a good place to take a break from dodging all the shoppers, but beware of the pigeons and seagulls. They will dive-bomb you to get at your food, and you might even get pooped on.

There is no other bridge like Pulteney Bridge elsewhere in Britain. It is said that there are only four other similar bridges in the world, the most famous being the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy. What’s so special about it? Well, it has shops lining both sides, for one thing. I suppose the other interesting thing about Pulteney Bridge is that when it was first built, it led nowhere. At the other side of it were just a load of fields.

Great Pulteney Street was built on those fields in 1789. It is 335 metres long and 31 metres wide, and is the biggest street in Bath. At the far end is the Holburne Museum, which is worth a quick visit if old cups, plates, and teapots interest you. They also have some interesting exhibitions on, too.

So, vegan sausage rolls. Should they be called “sausage rolls”? Isn’t a vegan sausage roll an oxymoron (like pretty ugly and deafening silence)? Leave a comment on the Bath City Language Coaching YouTube channel.

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