Bath City Language Coaching visits Parade Gardens and Bog Island

Before Bath City Language Coaching was born, many years ago, I was a student in Bath. I used to spend many Student Nights at the Island Club, better known as Bog Island.

“Bog” is a slang word for toilet, and before it was a nightclub, Bog Island was public toilets. It’s closed now and looks pretty awful down the steps with lots of litter. Not really a good impression for tourists, but hopefully they are more interested in Parade Gardens over the road.

There was a church on the Parade Gardens site in the 7th Century, apparently. But now the only worshipping that goes on here is sun-worshipping. Parade Gardens gets the sun for most of the day, so is a great place for a picnic or a lesson with Bath City Language Coaching…

Anyway, I wouldn’t recommend using the word “bog” in polite company. It isn’t a swear word, but some British people think it is vulgar. You could use “loo” instead: Excuse me, can I use the loo?

In a pub, bar, or restaurant, you can ask: “Excuse me, where are the Gents/Ladies?”

In Britain, we do not call the toilet the “bathroom” like the Americans do. The bathroom is the room in the house with a bath!

We do not use “WC” either.

You might hear some people say, “I’m just popping to the little boys’/girls’ room.” But this would only be said amongst friends or family as a little joke. And it’s not funny. So do not use this phrase.

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