Live Updates from Ukraine with Orest Zub

Yesterday, I watched a very moving and informative YouTube interview with Orest Zub, a media resistance fighter currently living in Lviv, Ukraine. During the interview, he shared a link to a site showing a live map with what is happening in the Ukraine now.

Orest Zub has been reporting on YouTube for a while now from Ukraine, giving viewers access to footage you are highly unlikely to see now in Russia. It is also not always on news programmes. His videos show the reality of what it is like for the citizens of Ukraine, and his personal stories of what is happening to his friends and family are moving and heartbreaking. But within the pain, there are moments that provide glimmers of hope, such as Orest taking care of his grandmother and moving her to a place of safety.

You can access all of Orest’s YouTube videos here.

Orest Zub also has a page where you can follow him on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. I really recommend having a look and subscribing to whichever platform suits you best.

Besides reporting on current events in Ukraine, Orest gives historical and ethnical information that puts what is happening now into context. Some of his stories about his family history is really touching. He found out that his grandmother is two years younger than she thought she was, probably due to Soviet mistakes with her passport and documents when she was a child. Now, the family celebrate her birthday twice a year.

Orest has been to over 125 countries, including Palestine and other areas of war and conflict, and now war has come to his homeland. His videos include interviews with people (including friends) who are fleeing the onslaught of aggression.

Please support Orest Zub‘s work and discover the truth about what is happening in Ukraine right now.

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